Warning: These settings are only available to Signitic users using the Signitic Add-in on Outlook.

When writing an email on Outlook (Web, Windows or MacOS), you have the possibility with the Add-in to change the appearance of your signature based on your recipients.

Indeed, this allows you to lighten your signature when you write to co-workers or target your communication on a customer event that you organize when you write to them.

We can therefore define 2 types of possible targets at Signitic:

Internal: All your recipients (including cc's) are from the same domain as your email and therefore all work in the same company/association as yourself.

External: At least 1 of your recipients (including cc) has an email that does not belong to your company/association.

In each campaign, you can choose the target of your communication, in the settings :

In the signature settings of your account, you have access to options in order to remove certain elements from your signature such as the banner or the legal notice for your internal communications:

Then, directly in the editor, you have the possibility to add conditions depending on whether the mail is for internal or external use:

You can also set bloc conditions :

And there you have it, you can now customize your message in your signature based on your recipient!

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