This guide is intended for companies or associations using Microsoft 365 as an email manager. At the end of this guide, you will be able to use Signitic with the users of your directory.

Warning: In order to connect your Office 365 directory to Signitic, you must have an administrator account.


Go to your Signitic account, then in Settings, select Connectors.

Select Microsoft 365 then clic on Connect to be redirected to a Microsoft login page.


Log in and accept the various permissions. The requested permissions are used to be able to retrieve the list of your users and their attributes!


Your Office 365 directory is now completely synchronized with Signitic and your domains and users should be imported.


You have now connected your users to your Office 365 directory. The next step is based on the application you are using to read your emails.

To use Signitic on Outlook Web Access ( or Outlook Windows or macOS, you need to deploy the Signitic Add-in.

If you use Apple Mail client on macOS, then go to the user guides to configure your Signitic client: See the guide

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