Connection to Salesforce is very simple. Just go to the Settings > Connectors and click the Salesforce logo.

Then, login with an admin account. Accept the authorizations asked and you will be back on Signitic.

As with all Destination connectors, it is important to enable signature update on the connector afterwards if you want to update the signatures right away.

Once everything is autorized, you should see the Salesforce status for each of your user on hover of the status label in the table.

You can enable Salesforce by user by going to the settings of one user profile :

You can update your signatures on the Syncronization module or wait a day to see it updated.

And voila!

Known issues :

On the latest versions of Salesforce, additional handling may be required.

To do this, go to your Service Setup and then to Object Manager. Search and click on User.

Then search for "signitic" under Fields & Relationships and once on the Signitic_signature Custom Field page :

Then, click on View Field Accessibility:

In the next list, you have a list of your Salesforce roles and the field visibility type for that role.

It is necessary to make the standard users and the system administrators editable. To do this, just click on "Hidden" on the line of the corresponding role. Then check the following boxes:

Once the change is made, the field is Editable. Be careful, you have to force the signature update again so that the signature appears for your Salesforce users. Either with the emergency console, or by waiting until the next morning.

You can check how the signature looks like in your User objects.

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