You have the possibility to edit your users through CSV file import in order to fill in a large amount of information very easily.

To do so, go to the Users page. Then click on the Data (1) button and then CSV (2):

Once your CSV file is loaded, confirm your input and a new interface will pop up.

Field mapping

On the left side, a table allows you to match the rows of your CSV with a Signitic user field.

The following fields will be filled in with the value of the row:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Title

  • Department

  • Mobile

  • Phone

  • LinkedIn link

  • Calendar link

  • GitHub Link

  • Extra field

The Picture field allows you to import an image from a link as the user's profile picture.

The State field is used to enable or disable the user. The expected values are: yes/no - active/inactive - true/false

The Entity, Parent Entity and Group fields will change the group mapping.

Group mapping

If you do not map the Entity and Group fields, no user will be assign to any other group or entity.

If you map the Entity, Parent Entity and Group fields, you can create new groups and entities or select the user's destination group:

Once your configuration is done, click on the Submit button at the top right and that's it!

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