You can add the QR Code associated with each user's vCard to your signature template. This way your recipients will be able to add your contact directly to their phone by scanning the QR Code.

1️⃣ Access to the Templates menu

To add the QR Code to your signatures, go to the Templates module.

You can use an already saved template or create a new one.

2️⃣ Add your QR Code

To add the QR Code, start by adding a new block of text.

Delete the text.

Then click on the QR Code icon in the toolbar that appears.

You can resize it directly in the toolbar.

The QR Code will automatically change according to the user.

3️⃣ Preview

You can preview your signature with your QR Code.

And assign it as a last step.

Users of your template with the vCard module active will have the QR code associated with their vCard directly in their signature!

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