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Create a variation of my user (multi-sign)
Create a variation of my user (multi-sign)

How to create user variation?

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Warning: To learn about the multi-signature under Gmail, please check this article : Multi-signature on Gmail

You have the possibility to create variants (variations) of your users from Signitic.

These variants are specific to Signitic and do not impact in any way your email directory of your manager (Office 365).

Why create a declination?

The declination allows you to create a different signature (template, banner, different group) for the same user to Outlook or Apple Mail.

1️⃣ Access the user menu

To copy the login key, go to the Users menu.

Then select the desired user and click on Edit.

2️⃣ Click on Aliases & variations

Just click on the Aliases and variations button in your user's form.

Confirm by clicking on "Create".

You will see your new declination appear.

👉🏻 On the Signitic Outlook Add-in, the user's declinations will appear when the Add-in is opened.

👉🏻 To have the declination on the Signitic agent, log in with the email and the login key (see guide) of the declination.

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