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Use an external font on my model
Use an external font on my model
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Email signatures have more restrictive technical constraints than the design of Adobe documents or websites. In the latter case, it's possible to use a variety of fonts to achieve almost any text style, thanks to the font libraries available. However, when it comes to email signatures, there's one essential limitation to consider: the people you communicate with professionally don't necessarily have the same fonts as those you have installed on your own computer. As a result, when you send an email with a signature using a particular font, the recipient is likely to see the text in a different default font, which can alter the appearance of the signature.

To alleviate this problem, it's advisable to take this constraint into account right from the design stage of your email signature, by opting for a universal font which is generally available on most computers. For example, you can include the use of universal fonts in the code of your signature template. This approach ensures that your signature will be displayed consistently, even if recipients have not installed the same font as yours. In this way, you avoid layout problems and ensure that your email signature appears professional and legible to all recipients.

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